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Taking You along our Travels

Come along on a quick update of this week in ministry and travel.

Tia and Tara just left Costa Rica to visit Mom Esther in South Carolina. Esther has been having continual and serious health issues lately, so Tia hopes to help her sister Shelly out with some encouragement and care.

And as we related in our last news letter, Kevin will be traveling this week to Bolivia, South America, with two other ministry coworkers--Esteban Amaya and Brian Ray--to encourage pastors there. Usually these are those pastors with whom Kevin and other IBAC ministry workers train in theological study modules. However, due to COVID restrictions, the last few modules have had to be postponed.

We had requested help with monies toward tablets and study Bibles for the pastors. So far we have had two of the Bibles covered and one of the tablets. We have four tablets in total, and last week, we loaded them with a large number of theological study books in Spanish--books by authors such as Chambers, MacArthur, A.W. Tozer, John Piper, Warren Wiersbe, J. Vernon McGee, John Macarthur, and others.

Kevin, Brian, and Esteban are super excited to be able to share these tools as well as other practical gifts for the families. If you would like to help toward the costs of any of the materials, please see our last blog (click here) for more information.

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