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UPDATED 7/30/22: From Irapuato, Mexico

Updated: Aug 1, 2022


Today is Saturday, July 30, and the IBAC training module finishes up today with a schedule running both morning and afternoon. The venue has been regularly filled with an average of 160 pastors and leaders, and naturally new contacts and friendships abound. Kevin has enjoyed teaching every night for about 2.5 hours each evening.

Afterward, we will travel two hours back to the state of Queretaro. We will study the community this week, walking around talking to people, and considering what activity we will start up in November to reach out and have meaningful contact with the community.

ORIGINAL (7/25/22):

With 160 students, the first training session of IBAC begins in Irapuato, Mexico.

The ministry of IBAC (Biblical Institutes of the Americas and the Caribbean) equips pastors and church leaders through a long-term commitment and relationship. The IBAC program provides biblical, theological, and pastoral training to Latin American pastors/leaders who are in desperate need of such training, but who have little access to it. Each 14-module course is taught in two modules a year or three modules a year depending upon the adopting US church. The adopting North-American church covers the cost of materials, meals, a donation for a translator (as needed), and a donation for the use of the national hosting church location. The adopting US church also provides teachers of the material provided through IBAC, which creates a tight and valuable relationship between the two churches.

Pictured above: 1) Location of Irapuato, Mexico. 2) meeting of training faculty. 3) First night session. 4) Esteban Amaya teaching. 5) Kevin Reilly teaching.

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