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Three Quick Notes

1) for those who have been praying about our traveling this November and December, Ohio has been added to the open-borders list of states for Costa Rica. This means that Tara will be able to travel there and back. We will also be able to travel. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY that our visa renewal will go through before we have to travel. We still ask too, that as the Lord leads, those who would like to help with the expenses of travel and paperwork, please see donation details below.

2) One of the ministries in which we are involved is EvanTell. Kevin and his co-workers, Esteban, Edwin, and Jeronimo have used this ministry with churches in Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina, Nicaragua, and Bolivia. Here is the director Armando interviewing Kevin.

3) Since March until just this month, we have not had postal service at all. Now that it has started up again, we do need to make you aware of an address change. This is our current (ONLY) overseas address: Kevin and Cynthia Reilly, APDO 63-2530, San Jose, Costa Rica, Central America.

Thank you for working and praying with us. With faith in Him,

Kevin and Tia

Donation information: If the Lord leads, you may give donations online or by check.

  • On our home page of, clicking the Donate button will take you to Push Pay through our home church. Under “Giving Type,” choose Grace Global Ministries. In NOTES, indicate the gift for travel or documents.

  • Checks should be written out to Grace Global Ministries and please mail to Grace Global Ministries, PO Box 12, Cedarville, OH 45314. Provide a note indicating the gift for the ministry you wish to help: travel or documents.

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