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"The Work of God Who makes Everything"

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

“As you do not know the way the spirit comes to the bones in the womb of a woman with child, so you do not know the work of God who makes everything” Ecclesiastes 11:5  

Solomon here reminds us that there is a lot we do not understand in this world—and specifically, such is the activity of God.  However, we need to remember that just because we don’t understand the wisdom and sovereignty of God, that does not mean that God isn’t accomplishing His purposes.  He is.   The current crisis of COVID-19 is a vivid reminder that God is in control, and we are not.  We make our plans.  God changes them.  We trust Him

What's going on?

Just like many of you we are dealing with the reality of the COVID-19 virus, Costa Rica has confirmed 231 (March 26). As a country we are adhering to many measures in order to help slow the spread of Coronavirus throughout Costa Rica.

  • All beaches throughout Costa Rica have been ordered to be closed to the public. 

  • Religious centers throughout the country have been obligated to close.

  • Vehicle restrictions preventing most people from driving between 10pm and 5am

  • All foreigners residing in Costa Rica or with regular migratory status in the country who leave the national territory will automatically lose their immigration status.

  • Social distancing, restaurants only for take-out or delivery, schools closed, and everyone instructed to stay at home

This is a crisis and we are using it as an opportunity. We plan to use our crisis well. During this time of restrictions, Tara and Tia continue to teach their elementary and high school classes from home—through video and online classes.

PICTURES: Sojourn preparing for online clases; grocery stores low on rice and beans; parks closed off; alcohol gel everywhere!

Kevin is preparing a new discipleship seminar with Jeronimo Ventura and is ministering through social media. They are also helping those in our church through bringing groceries and shopping as needed.

Compassion ministries

For $23.05, you can help feed a family with basic essentials for 3 days. During this crucial time, many suffer from lack of employment–especially those who are day-wage earners, those who live day-by-day. One of the ministries we are undertaking is making sure that people who live in poverty and who have contact through our churches receive basic needs. (If you would like to help with this, electronic donations can be made on our website homepage, --Click the button “Donate to Support,” and under "Giving Type," choose Grace Global Ministries. Under "notes," indicate gift for Reilly/Compassion Gifts. Checks can be sent to Grace Global Ministries, Attn: M. Bowen, PO Box 12, Cedarville, OH 45314, with a note directing it to the Reilly’s account. Any questions can be directed to

A month ago, I (Kevin) realized once again how blessed I am as I returned from Managua, Nicaragua. It is a 7-hour-drive-plus drive which includes a an hour to and half border crossing traveling from Costa Rica's capital San Jose to Nicaragua's Capital of Managua. I leave one of the wealthiest countries in our hemisphere to the second poorest just behind that of Haiti. From a democracy to a dictatorship. The hunger for spiritual things is so great!

In Nicaragua, we met with various pastors and presented the EvanTell ministry to 17 churches.  Did you know that only 5% of the world's pastor have any formal Bible training?  That is why we are spending more and more time in training believers through IBAC and EvanTell. 

The ministry of EvanTell exists to encourage and equip individuals and churches to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The name EvanTell is made up of two words from the combined English “Evangelism” and “Tell.”  For 47 years, EvanTell has been training Christians around the wor

ld to share the gospel with confidence, clarity, and kindness. Kevin and a few coworkers have been the first to be certified to teach this material in Spanish.

Likewise, through IBAC, we work to train church leaders with mobilized modules of theological instruction. IBAC’s network of sponsoring churches as well as partner communities of pastors and leaders represent a diverse collection of churches across Latin America. In our training events, we impart orthodox, Biblical doctrine and practice.

Shortly after returning from the Nicaragua trip, Kevin and friend Esteban Amaya flew to Bolivia to minister through IBAC, EvanTell, and other ministries.  They were part of an opening of Awana (OWANSA). They presented special seminars on evangelism and on parenting (Kevin spoke on what God asks of the father in each family).

Kevin and Esteban Amaya were able to complete an EvanTell seminar in Bolivia and had planned the third in the IBAC theology module for Bolivia. However, due to the increased concern about COVID-19, the IBAC seminar had to be postponed. Both Kevin and Esteban were both able to leave the country and return to Costa Rica before the Bolivian government closed their airport on March 20.


  • This past week was also an opportunity to share together in a staff retreat.

  • Praise for US Spring break and the friends it sent to us: Shari and Brian Ray, Heather Herbst, Buffy Myers, and Camille Clements. They encouraged us in grand form! Good company and a day or two of relaxing.

  • The safe return of Kevin and Esteban from Bolivia 

Prayer Requests:

  • Upcoming Trips:  Bolivia, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Argentina

  • Continued Personal spiritual growth for Tia and me

  • Funds for ministry

  • A desperate need for a vehicle for a Pastor in Bolivia

  • We need to visit new churches to raise support

  • Effectiveness in ministry

  • As you know, things are changing daily, and we’ll do our best to keep you informed.

  • Those living in poverty, those who live day-by-day need our prayers and help

  • Please pray for Tia and Tara and the rest of the staff at Sojourn—several of our workers and students have been called back to their home countries.

  • One of our teachers recently lost her baby in the first trimester of pregnancy, so that has been an opportunity to care and pray and cry some, too.

  • Prisoners we are not able to minister with in the prison do to the COVID-19

Thanks for your patience.  And thanks for the privilege and joy of serving our King together.  In the very first book of the Bible we see that our God brings order from chaos.  As His image bearers, may we find ways to do the same by being examples of selfless love toward others and maintaining a calm confidence in God.

With faith in Him,

Kevin and Tia Reilly

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