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New Year, New Travels

January brings different tones of ministry for us this new year. To start with, we are currently staying in Ohio, as we take care of some health matters and get some rest. So for these next few months, our ministries will emanate out from the Midwest....

  • Pray for Kevin as he flies out Wednesday, February 2, back to Costa Rica to teach and help with ministry needs and to help a missionary family (Esteban and Bethany Amaya and kids) move from Costa Rica to Mexico where they will live and minister in an under-evangelized area of Queretano (under 0.25% evangelical; for more information, click here).

  • Pray for Tia as she tends to some medical issues but also works toward starting up the online Growing in English program for 2022. We have students all through Latin America, and we have six volunteer teachers, who can each teach one course. But please pray for more teachers (or even VOLUNTEER yourself)!

  • In March, we are excited about a trip to Bolivia. Kevin will be there for four weeks, training pastors in THREE different teaching points throughout the country--Santa Fe, Cochabamba, and Guayaramerín. Tia will also be there for a few weeks helping in ladies' ministry.

  • Please pray, too, for family friends of ours--three families who have recently lost loved ones. While this weighs heavy on our hearts, even more so, the loss will resound for a long time in the hearts of our friends. We thank the Lord that each of our friends --JoAnne, Fritz, and Larry--know the Lord personally, and now even more than before.

We are also praising the Lord for some special visits with family recently--our own children and grandchildren here in Ohio, Kevin's mom in New Jersey, and Tia's sister Shelly--her only sibling--who came up from South Carolina to visit.

We praise the Lord, too, for blessing us with safety and good health amidst the pandemic and through other health issues.

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