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Quick Friday Prayer Request

Please pray for a ministry opportunity that Kevin's pastoral group holds this weekend (Saturday, July 4). The CBI (Compañerismo Bíblico para la Iglesia/Bible Fellowship for the Church) consists of Esteban (Bolivian), Edwin (Mexican), Kevin (US), and Jeronimo (Argentine) who have created the group to support local churches and local pastors through classes, seminars, compassion ministries, or any other endeavor in which the Lord leads.

This weekend they are holding an Argentine asado (cookout) with the benefits going to local pastors. Just like everywhere else, the pandemic has hit the economy of Costa Rica hard, and pastors were already hurting for funds. Now salaries have been reduced and jobs lost, making offerings smaller. Our churches (in many areas, including ours) are still not meeting.

Last week, CBI delivered yet another round of compassion ministry gifts--thanks to the support of many of you. The recipients have been more than grateful in their response.

Always grateful for your prayers!

Kevin and Tia Reilly

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