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Pictorial Update -- IBAC in Bolivia

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Kevin and Esteban with other IBAC missionaries have returned to Bolivia for the IBAC theological module “Method of Bible Study,” and to survey the Amazon area of Bolivia, as well as Cochabamba, Bolivia—both areas of future IBAC ministries. (For more information about IBAC, click here.)

Here Esteban and Kevin arrive in Cochabamba to meet with pastors about future IBAC theological modules there.

Kevin enjoyed revisiting a Santa Cruz church and preaching in the Sunday service.

We have recently been working to help meet the needs of several pastor families in Bolivia and Costa Rica, Mexico--particularly those who have needs that are hard to meet. Pictured here on the right is Pastor Javier Vargas and his family whose refrigerator and washing machine were provided through a Vacation Bible School group in southern New Jersey. Thank you, Calvary Baptist.

Here below: photos of IBAC meetings and training sessions. Tonight (Tuesday) the training continues...

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