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How you have made a difference!

At the beginning of the month we shared the value and details of how YOU could make a difference. We have so seen the Lord bless that action.

  • We asked for help financially to outfit a pastor and his family with shoes (5 pairs in total), and several of you met that complete need.

  • We also recently asked for help with travel expenses and visa renewal expenses -- both of which have been a bit more complicated and expensive during this time of pandemic; this need too has been met.

  • We spoke about the needs of pastors and meeting that need through a coffee sales program (see #3 below). Several of you gave very generously to this need, and your gifts have provided for practical needs.

  • We know many of you are meeting our needs through prayer--and for that we are most grateful. Please keep that gift going strong. We are encouraged by many who share that they pray for us and for the ministry in Latin America.

Please continue to keep these new year prayer requests and needs in your hearts:

1) The prayer for and startup of a church plant in Paraiso, Cartago (we are working with a team to begin efforts this month). Please pray for the team and for the start-up points, one of which has already been established.

2) English as a Second Language (ESL) ministry for ministry workers in Latin America. Tia began this ministry about a year ago, and it's growing to the point that we are looking for more volunteer teachers. Perhaps you could meet this need not only by praying, but by teaching or sharing with your teacher friends. (See more details at end of this blog.)

3) Remember our ministry to meet the needs of pastors in Latin America through coffee sales. We strongly believe that a healthy pastor is necessary for a healthy church, and this year has been especially financially tough on these ministers. Last year with help from friends, we started up a program where profits from coffee sales help out pastors in Latin America with family, medical, home needs, repairs, and tools for work. If you would like to help with selling quality Costa Rican coffee in the US, please visit our website at need your help, and so do the pastors and their families. Feel free to contact us with questions.

More information regarding Online Teachers Need:

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