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Focused Update and Prayer Requests!

Greetings from Costa Rica, and thank you for all your prayers and support.

We are still living in a virtual ministry world, with sanitary driving and shopping restrictions. But with so many ministries now on the Internet, are reach now not only includes Costa Ricans, but also Nicaraguans, Mexicans, Argentines, and Bolivians—through Bible classes, prison chaplaincy training, and English-as-a-second language (both for pastors and also as an outreach). Kevin also continues to work with Esteban, Edwin, and Jeronimo to encourage local and rural pastors through visits and phone calls.

Even though the churches still not have all opened up, we were able to attend a service in a small country church two weeks ago. This was the first time we had been to a brick-and-mortar (well, cement and tin) church service in six months. Even with the sparse congregation, the distancing, the masks, it was SO REFRESHING to worship with PEOPLE!

How can you be part of the efforts? Here you go....

1) PRAYER: For effectiveness in the ministries in which we are involved—those online and those in person.

2) PRAYER: Wisdom and discernment for the churches and pastors as they start opening up with new protocols and restrictions. They also are concerned for their congregations—who will be coming back, and the financial conditions of the families who do come back.

PRAYER: Personal peace and wisdom regarding the pandemic border control. We were not able to return to the US during the summer—we had planned to visit some supporting churches and of course, family.

At the same time, we are in the middle of renewal of our "permanent" (2-year) visas. Therefore, we have to wait for one of two things--either our documents come through the renewal process, OR Costa Rica opens up to tourism from Ohio so that we could travel there and back with our US passports.

4) NEED: We are asking, too, that as the Lord leads, if you have the ability to help with either of these two needs financially--travel to the States (which may incur more legs on the journey, extra paperwork, and perhaps COVID19 testing) or the renewal of our documents, we would be grateful. We expect these costs to reach $3000.

We are grateful to the Lord and to Grace Baptist Church, Cedarville, OH, for offering a vehicle and place to stay during our short stay. That provision is a huge blessing.

Thank you -- with faith in Him,

Kevin and Tia

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Good to hear from you! I will be praying for your needs.

It would be nice for the borders to open for you to come back.

GBC has been having services outdoors. That’s nice everyone can worship together.

I stopped at McDonald’s on my way to Moms house and got a cheeseburger. I was eating it and had to go in the kitchen so I put it on the coffee table. When I came back it was gone. Quincy got it and ate it! Fun!!

He loves to be walked on a leash. All you have to say is “let’s go on a walk” and his head perks up. Mom loves him!

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