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Coming to you from Queretaro & Irapuato, Mexico

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

These three weeks (July 14-August 2) Kevin has been traveling and ministering in Queretaro and Irapuato, Mexico. He has been blessed to work with coworkers Esteban and Bethany Amaya and Edwin and Olivia Perez, in a variety of church and training ministries.

Last week they were busy with an EvanTell ministry in Mexico City.

This week, TWO sessions of IBAC leadership training are going on in Mexico: Esteban and Bethany are working down in Tapachula, and Kevin, Edwin and Olivia are in Irapuato.

To start in Irapuato this week, Edwin and Kevin and ministry workers from the US partnering church visited the Centro de Rehabilitación Transformación (Transformation Rehabilitation Center) in Irapuato and shared Christ's message of salvation and transformed living in Him. On the second day's work at the center, 8 people gave their lives to the Lord.

And now they are in a week of IBAC ministry training for pastors and church leaders. This is the second module in Irapuato, studying the "Reading the BIble for Understanding and Impact" module. We are partnering with Central Baptist and Fellowship Baptist church from Texas. One hundred thirty people came for the first evening of study.

Thank you for praying with us for efficiency in ministry, salvation and restoration of souls here in Mexico, and for safety in travel.

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