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¡Back in Queretaro!

You may remember that we have been talking a lot recently about the area of Queretaro, Mexico. This is a location where our Costa Rica coworkers, the Amayas, have moved to start a church plant. The evangelical outreach here is under 0.25%. It is part of the Rosary Belt of Mexico, or as someone else has coined, the "10/40 window in our backyard." (For more information, click here.)

Kevin is currently there with coworkers, Esteban and Bethany, and also with Edwin and Olivia (also former Costa Rica cohorts), working with an Evantell seminar this week, with general church-planting planning, and with a Word of Life conference next week.

Please pray for Kevin as he ministers, teaching and preaching at various points these weeks.

Pray for Tia as she continues working through medical issues--which is going well. She continues to teach Spanish-speaking missionaries in the Growing-in-English (with Word of Life missionaries), and is currently mentoring a Word of Life missionary to help with administrative responsibilities.

We are SO thankful for your prayers and support!

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