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If ministry were a story....

If ministry were a story, the last two weeks or so were ever so climatic in the ongoing plot. Even though the academic school year at Sojourn had finished, the institute continues in studies of English and Spanish for training missionaries and the Bible Institute for training in theology. And the kids keep coming to “summer” camp to enjoy special classes in computer, folk dance, cooking, and more.

And with all that rising plot action, into the picture came a 30-member ministry group from one of our churches in New Jersey, Calvary Baptist of Little Egg Harbor. What a JOY! We so enjoyed getting to know them as individuals, but also see them as a team come together with our teens at our church, Iglesia Bautista Impacto Vida Nueva, to set up and produce three different VBS (vacation Bible school) programs in one week. The team also shared in two Sunday services, and participated in the youth conference on the second weekend.

Our first Bible school at church brought in 60-plus kids from our church and the community. (Some of our English-as-a-Second-Language outreach students sent their children as well.) The second two Bible schools were held in satellite locations—poorer neighborhoods where we have started Bible studies and reached out in other ways. Over 180 kids showed up in one location, with their mothers. At the other location, over 60 children came with their parents. (Interesting note: our church does not provide just a snack time for these kids, but instead an actual lunch meal. That endeavor adds a whole other level to VBS prep, as you can imagine.)

We know that dozens of children have made decisions for the Lord, and the church continues working on follow-up. We know that all had their lives touched one way or the other toward spiritual growth.

We need to thank Calvary, too, for not just participating in this adventure 100%, but also they provided the funding for so much of the work: materials, crafts, food, and more. We cannot say “thank you” enough.

At the end of that same week—Friday, Saturday, and Sunday—featured a youth conference based on Galatians 2:20, “Crucified with Christ.” The speaker, Marcelo Jorquera, came from Word of Life, Mexico to share with us. Numbers were over 200 in attendance (mostly young people, but there were many “young at heart” as well), and many decisions were made.

Thank you again and always for your prayers and support. Several have offered to help with our current car repairs need, and we are ever so grateful for those individuals and church. The car is in the shop, even as we speak.

Other needs include a scholarship for Eddy, a young man who has been saved and discipled through the prison program and is now attending the Bible institute. We are trying to raise a sponsor or sponsors to help cover the $140/month for studies. He has a wife and children. If you are interested in helping with that, please write us at

We are grateful for the ministry funds provided through you all. We still do have a need for $150 per month increase in the ministry account fund ($350 already raised, thank you!).

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