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Week of Pastoral Training

We have hosted at the institute a week of evening training for locale pastors. Each evening from 4:30-9:00pm, over 50 individuals come together for a time of training, refreshment, and companionship. For more information on the ministry of IBAC (Institutos Bíblicos de América y el Caribe (IBAC /Biblical Institutes of the Americas and the Caribbean), click here. If you are interested in helping financially, please click here. (Click through the gallery of pictures to see this week's work.)

We have personally enjoyed hosting one of the speakers for this week's modules. Sean (and wife Rijah) Powers came from Ohio to share the Word of God along with other teachers, Kevin, Max, and David.

Thank you for those who have been praying for this ministry. And to those who have given financially to help support these local pastors and lay people, we also give thanks.

In a personal need, we have had considerable needs in car repairs recently. If anyone could help us with these costs, please let us know. The van has been used in so many ways to help bring people to church--from near and far--and for the most part, it has been very faithful. But in the last six months, it has needed several serious replacements. If you can help with these costs, we would be so appreciate. Either write to us ( and directly donate on our website at Thank you in advance.

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