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Ministry Moment: A Discipleship Dare

How many of us ignore the call to discipleship because it does not fit our busy schedules. As followers of Christ, we know that we are supposed to go and share his news of salvation and help others grow closer to Him and more like Him. But we are caught up with our own work and business...and the challenge lies dormant with so many other good works.

This weekend, Pastor Gustavo Caramelino (Santa Fe, Argentina) shared a conference on discipleship that challenged us to look into the spheres of relationship at home, at work, in our neighborhood. The four nights brought excellent biblical teaching and a very personal challenge.

The visit by Gustavo and his wife Ester was personally refreshing for us as they stayed with us for two weekends, and we enjoyed many sweet conversations, some mate, and a new friendship. We enjoyed visiting Pastor Pedro's church where Gustavo led a seminar on marriage as well.

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