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Weekend+ review: quick peek

The three days of chaplaincy training went well--thank you to all who prayed!

At home we are hosting Gustavo and Ester Caramelino from Sante Fe, Argentina. They are ministering to two churches--last weekend and the coming weekend. So we visited with them Pastor Pedro's church and enjoyed a session for married couples as well as another message about leadership. Next weekend at our own church, Bautista Impacto Vida Nueva, Gustavo will be leading a four-day discipleship conference. We will learn a lot!

At our church this past weekend we hosted the monthly ladies' meeting, with Tia sharing part of the leadership there. And on Sunday, Kevin provided lunch and training in discipleship.

And today we commissioned 6 Sojourn families to their next sojourn--to their next field of service. Always a bittersweet experience--saying "goodbye"--but this is what Sojourn is.

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