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Ministry Moment: Chaplaincy Training this Weekend--please pray with us.

("Ministry Moments" = short, quick updates)

Tonight at the institute our chaplaincy training modules continue toward the goal of 16-approved-by-the-government evangelical chaplains. In our last module, the government sent a representative to observe; afterwards several of the leaders and their wives had lunch with the official and his wife.

The materials from Wheaton College continue to be translated (and again, we thank Grace Baptist in Cedarville, OH, for partnering with us on this).

Remember, we are the first non-Catholics to ever have been given this privilege to train evangelical chaplains (as our government is a Catholic government). Other volunteers (totaling over 30) also attend, eager to learn and be trained.

Pray for stamina for the professors (Kevin and pastor Carlos), as well as for the students. Classes are tonight (from 4pm to 9:30), Friday night, and Saturday morning.

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