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Thankful for and Needful of Your Prayers

These last few months have been filled with so much life and ministry! We so appreciate your continued prayers and support. While we here in Costa Rica work in various ministries far away from where you may be, we cannot do this work without the backing in prayer and support from you all. Thank you.

All ministries continue in development, but also in needs, and of course, prayer.

For the prison ministry, we appreciate so much the partner-ship of First Baptist church in Perkasie, PA, in supplying funds to provide discipleship materials for the prison ministry with which we are involved--Voice of Liberty (Voz de Libertad). This has helped to disciple 100s of prisoners.

The module training for bivocational pastors and church leaders (IBAC/Institutos Bíblicos de las Américas y el Caribe/Bible Institutes of the Americas and the Caribbean) continued with our fourth session held in February, with around 50 students attending. The next module, Old Testament Survey, occurs the last week of June.

  • For this next session, we again need to request help in providing funding as we provide the studies to the bi-vocational church leader at no cost. Each session is sponsored by outside churches and supporters, and for June, we are asking for your help to raise $2750 to cover expenses: transportation for the pastors, materials, meals, translators, facility rental ( averaging $11 per student per day).

  • If this is a need with which you could help—even in the smallest amount—please click here to donate through Push Pay through our home church.Under “Giving Type,” choose Grace Global Ministries. In NOTES, indicate the gift for “Pastors Training, Metropolitan San Jose, Costa Rica.” To donate via check, please write check out to Grace Global Ministries, with a note “Pastors Training, Metropolitan San Jose, Costa Rica.” Send to Grace Global Ministries, PO Box 12, Cedarville, OH 45314.

At our church, New Life Impact Baptist Church, we have been involved in a variety of ministries and events. Currently Kevin is leading a group of about 20 church members who made the commitment to be disciplers of others. As Kevin meets with them biweekly, they meet with others to share and disciple. Recently, too, we had a discipleship conference led by Pastor Armando Zuniga, a Mexican pastor from Texas. Pastor Armando also led us in a marriage seminar that was super impactful.

Commissioning the O'Bryant family

The Spanish Language Institute continues with teaching Spanish language and Latino culture to missionaries on their way to Latin America. We have expanded the offerings to English to Latinos studying to be missionaries themselves, who need English as a passport language. We are also working to add online courses to aid missionaries before and after they study here at the institute.

At Sojourn Academy, where Tia teaches full-time, we continue to develop programs to grow the students and grow the school.

This year we have been very excited to have a Bible institute start up on campus. What a blessing to have students of a variety of ages invest in their spiritual education and future of leadership. Tia has been helping with this two evenings a week with English-as-a-second-language course, and two of her students are those who have been helped with scholarships provided by supporters. It is so exciting to see their interest in growing and sharing the Word of God with others.

Chaplaincy training continues to go well, meeting for modules at the institute. The government has recently sent a representative to observe. The materials from Wheaton College continue to be translated (and again, we thank Grace Baptist in Cedarville, OH, for partnering with us on this). Our next session will occur at the end of May, beginning of June with the sixteen approved-by-the-government chaplains-in-training. Remember, we are the first non-Catholics to ever have been given this privilege to train evangelical chaplains (as our government is a Catholic government). Other volunteers (totaling over 30) also attend, eager to learn and be trained.

In family news, we

* welcomed a new grandson into our family. Ronan Axel was born on March 12 to Sean and Christina, joining his brother Galen and sister Tali.

* moved to a house of our own in a neighborhood between the institute and the church.

* became proud parents of a masters student when Tara graduated from the University of Cincinnati on May 2. Tia was able to fly up for the graduation and spend time with all the grandkids, other friends, including former students at Legacy Christian.

* happily watched online as Sean and Christina dedicated to the Lord baby Ronan and Kaitlyn and Darrin dedicated 11-month old Reilly Michele.

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