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Watching the Lord Work

This week brings more excitement. We were already excited to host the next IBAC training module this week (more info here), and then Monday came with well over 50 attendees--and several of those were those who also are studying to be chaplains (more info here @#4). We love seeing how those involved in our different ministry opportunities cross over between the various training opportunities to get the most out of what is offered and to give the most toward the kingdom of God.

The same happened over this past weekend with the "Judgement House"/ "Casa de Juicio" drama. Various local churches and many lay workers came together and put on a professional demonstration of what the Bible says about judgement, life and death, and our eternal destiny. Over 850 people attended and heard the gospel, and 132 people made decisions for the Lord (each individually counseled by pastoral or lay people).

As exciting as all this is, one of our largest goals will be coming to fruition this next month. In March, the Sigueme (Follow Me) ministry will start up a Bible institute on campus. Last September we began the English-as-a-Second-Language portion of the institute, but now the studies become full-time and will include theological and missional courses. The programs offered will provide a one-year certificate and/or a three-year degree (equivalent to a bachelors degree in the US).

Several of you have helped to sponsor students as they have begun, but we still have two other students that we would like to introduce. One such student is Eddie, a former prison inmate who is now one of the government-approved chaplain trainees, and who led the Judgement House project last weekend for his church. Some years ago, Eddie gave his life to the Lord--while in prison, and there he was transformed by Christ and discipled. Today he continues his studies as he works full-time in ministry; his church/pastor sacrificially provide for him and his wife and children.

Another student who we would love to see be able to continue with studies is Olivia, the wife of Edwin, who is already a sponsored student. Olivia with her husband want to serve the Lord as they respond to God's call toward missions work.

Because we have watched these individuals in ministry action and have seen their eagerness to learn more and share, we are convinced that investing in their theological education would be so valuable for the kingdom of God. They are ready and they desire to be further equipped.

So what is needed? To provide for the education for one institute student, $150 is needed per month to cover the cost of classes, registration, books/materials, and a daily meal.

Perhaps you yourself cannot support an individual at that amount each month. However, maybe you could help with a one-time gift to cover part of the academic year. The year's worth of study costs $1800, but that cost divided by three couples could be a one-time gift of $600. Perhaps a few Sunday school classes could work together to meet such a need. Please let us know at with whatever means you are able to help.

If you have been following our other needs, we praise the Lord for increase in our ministry funds needs: We are grateful for the $330 out of $500 needed to help meet ministry costs.

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