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Recent Prayer Answers

We want to share a quick note to update on a few requests. The Lord has been adding some donor help as we now have $230 per month raised toward our $500/month ministry expense need increase.

Today, too, marked another praise as our church Iglesia Bautista Impacto Vida Nueva (New Life Impact Baptist Church) moved into a new rented facility. (We had been in a temporary location since August.) We celebrated with a typical Costa Rican breakfast for all (and we are quite certain that over 175 attended--we do know that we cracked 240 eggs to scramble).

The service was blessed through the usual music for worship, prayer, and message by Pastor Max Bastos. We also had special music by Marcela.

As opposed to our last several temporary locations in commercial areas, this one is in a neighborhood. We look forward to being able to reach out to the community with evangelistic outreach. Even today, one of the visitors was from our own neighborhood.

Thank you for praying.

When we realize the freedoms we have to come and fellowship together. What a blessing! (P.S. Happy Veterans Day, and THANK YOU to all who serve and who have.)

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