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Two different worlds

“Faithful is He who called you who will also do it. Brothers, pray for us.” I Thess. 5:24-25

This has been a summer of living in two different worlds—two different homes—and both have been busy and exciting and full of ministry opportunities. Thank you for all your part of praying and providing support.

IN THE US. On the US side of life, Tia spent five-and-a-half weeks with Katy and Darrin as they welcomed into the world their new daughter, Reilly Michele. Our daughter Tara also spent those weeks with us, and Kevin was able to come up during the last two and a half weeks of the visit. Sean and Christina and their children live in that same town. Overall, the time was a refreshing opportunity to spend time with our kids and grandkids...and also a great time of visiting with and updating friends on the work in Costa Rica.

PASTORAL TRAINING IN COSTA RICA. At the same time, in Costa Rica, the Spanish Language Institute hosted the second week of three modules of pastoral training for local San Jose Metropolitan pastors. Up to 50 pastors per evening were able to attend and enjoy the theological training from IBAC (Institutos Biblicos de America Central/Bible Institutes in Central America). Our next training module will occur in October 2018.

TRAINING MISSIONARIES—in language and theology. The Spanish Language Institute continues to train missionaries in Spanish, and as we have shared before, this year has also seen the beginning of training Spanish-speaking Christians in the English language in order that they can work around the world as missionaries. Furthermore, we are praying and planning to provide classes to train these missionaries to teach Spanish-as-a-Second Language, so that they can use that trade for tentmaking missionary positions. Please pray as these programs begin this year.

The Institute will soon offer Bible training classes to both the first-language-English speakers. and the first-language-Spanish speakers. So please pray for that program as it is developed.

We continue to pray for more students at both the language training part of the Institute as well as at Sojourn. The Sojourn school year will be starting soon (late August), so please pray as we still need two more English-speaking teachers.

TRAINING PASTORS IN BOLIVIA. Another huge request we have coming up quickly is the opportunity to travel to Bolivia (Kevin along with a Bolivian pastor and a Costa Rican pastor) to train pastors there with the IBAC theological training. The Bolivian president, a communist, is shutting down churches by way of declaring that only formally trained pastors can lead a church (like only fully trained doctors can practice medicine).

Bolivian pastors have requested that IBAC take the pastoral training courses to their country in order that the government’s requirements are met and these pastors can receive official training. (Please read here for more information about both the situation of the country, the believers there, and the pastoral need.)

Through your help and others’, we have $2500 raised, meaning that we still need about $2250 more. If this is a need with which you could help—even in the smallest regard—please click here to donate through Push Pay through our home church. Under “Giving Type,” choose Grace Global Ministries. In NOTES, indicate the gift for “Pastors Training, Bolivia.” To donate via check, please write check out to Grace Global Ministries, with a note “Pastors Training, Bolivia.” Send to Grace Global Ministries, PO Box 12, Cedarville, OH 45314

PRISON MINISTRIES. We continue to work with Voz de Libertad (Voice of Liberty) in reaching into the prisons with the Awana Lifeline materials—Malachi Dads. At this point in time, five prisons are using the Malachi Dads materials. Hannah’s Gift for women’s ministry should be starting up soon in the women’s prison.

Under the ministry of Carlos and Karla Cunningham, we meet monthly with a group of believers dedicated to reaching into the prisons. Please pray for them as they have dedicated more than 30 years of their life to managing the outreach to Costa Rican prisoners, their families, and victims from crimes.

Other prayer requests to keep in front of you this year:.

  1. Providing online training for English-speaking missionaries learn Spanish before and after their formal class time at the Institute

  2. Our church, New Life Impact Baptist Church, continues with healthy attendance and various mission-focused program. We are currently needing a new location to rent. PLEASE PRAY for that need. (Pictured here—recent church outing where four men were baptized.)

  3. At the beginning of January, we submitted our American documents toward the process of residency here in Costa Rica. We have had progress in that process, but we have yet to receive the visa.

  4. And again, we request pray for each family member as we journey forward through life here without our daughter Colleen. We have solid trust in the sovereignty of God, but we still hurt and miss her.

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