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A new opportunity for pastors

Another opportunity to train pastors has opened up! It’s exciting to see how the Lord brings people, opportunities, and world situations together. Listen to this new opportunity and perhaps God would lead you to help us train pastors in BOLIVIA, South America.

Yes, I know we are in Costa Rica, and yes, we are in the midst of training pastors in the metropolitan area of San Jose, but God has plans for more.

If you have paid attention to world news lately perhaps you have heard of the plight of evangelical church workers in the country of Bolivia. The communistic president is shutting down churches by way of declaring that only formally trained pastors can lead a church (like only fully trained doctors can practice medicine).

Bolivian pastors have asked us in Costa Rica to help with these pastors’ need (in the poorest country in South America), requesting that IBAC take their pastoral training courses to the country in order that the government’s requirements are met and these pastors can receive official training. (Please read here for more information about both the situation of the country, the believers there, and the pastoral need.)

Our team (made up of myself, Pastor Max Bastos, and Pastor Esteban Amaya) is looking to travel and train starting September 3 to 8, 2018. The training for 50 pastors would require $4750 dollars – approximately $95/student. This money would cover:

  • all course materials

  • meals (for the pastors during the training)

  • transportation for those who have to travel to and from Bolivia as well as transportation within Bolivia

  • travel, and housing for some of those pastors who have to travel for the training.

Above that amount, we would also like to raise money to provide….

  • for the church hosting the event 10 tables (totaling $1,000.00) for use for the training week and for future trainings.

  • and 50 study Bibles, with notes, maps, concordance, etc., for each pastor participating.

Would you be led to help with this need? If this is a need with which you could help—even in the smallest regard—please click here to donate through Push Pay through our home church. Under “Giving Type,” choose Grace Global Ministries. In NOTES, indicate the gift for “Pastors Training, Bolivia.” To donate via check, please write check out to Grace Global Ministries, with a note “Pastors Training, Bolivia.” Send to Grace Global Ministries, PO Box 12, Cedarville, OH 45314

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