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Praise and Thank You's

Last week saw our first of three modules in 2018 of pastoral training at the Spanish Language Institute. Due to the bi-vocational nature of pastors here in Costa Rica, our focus is to provide for pastors and lay workers the opportunity to study and learn during the evenings. Last week brought to our doors around 40 students who attended each night from 3:30-9:00pm. Supper included.

Your prayers and financial help were essential to the success of the week. All finances for this week were covered! Praise the Lord. We thank Dr. Jim Wilson and his team from IBAC (Institutos Biblicos de America Central/Bible Institutes in Central America). We look forward to the next installment in June!

Next prayer requests:

1) Preparations are underway for the Awana Lifeline/Malachi Dads training in March. Much to do -- please pray.

2) Life at the Spanish Language Institute and Sojourn Academy continue to fill and brighten our lives. Please pray for continued growth in student numbers.

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