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Full Throttle

Dear friends and family,

Our days and weeks fly along, full of life and ministry. We want to share an update of the various endeavors for which you pray….

The plan for integrating Awana Lifeline materials in local prisons has made strong headway as Kevin has met with local ministers, Pastor Carlos Cordoba and Pastor Carlos Cunningham, who both have prison and governmental contacts. Working with Dan Bostrom and Mike Broyles of Awana Lifelines, we are excited for the opportunities in the prisons.

Please pray for these specifics:Training during March 17-25, 2018 for those who can lead studies through the Malachi Dads material

  • Printing of books and materials

  • The development of a chaplain training program; chaplains have greater access to prison entrance than do lay people. Currently only Catholic priests are allowed to be chaplains in hospitals, in prisons, and for police. We are discussing with government officials to develop a program to allow evangelicals to also have access to minister as chaplains.

  • Providing English-as-a-second-language in the prison for a program that helps inmates acquire better future opportunities outside of prison (Asociación Pro-Ayuda al Condenado/APAC)

At the Spanish Language Institute, we recently celebrated 75 years of ministry (with over 16,000 missionaries having been trained in that time). Enjoying a festive reunion of many former teachers and staff, we learned of the history, enjoyed preaching to inspire another 75 years, and appreciated folk dance and marimba music.

So many events and milestones occur regularly at the institute, it is hard to list them all. We especially ask for prayer as we look toward the future and how we can continue the institute’s mission in preparing missionaries to go into the world to share the gospel. Beyond language and cultural training, we also have goals to:

  • Train 60 national pastors in the greater San Jose area with 3-4 modules starting in February 2018

  • Train Latinos to go out as tent-making missionaries by training them to teach Spanish-as-a-second language, and by equipping them with basic English in order that they can manage in the world-at-large. Costa Ricans and other Latinos have access to countries that North Americans cannot always enter—countries often located in the 10/40 Window.

As we reach toward the future as an institution, we have needs to meet in order to maintain the 17 buildings that have been standing for decades—roofs, buildings, walls, security, sidewalks, etc.—and to meet those needs and develop facilities and technologies, we look to start raising monies for a capital fund project with a total need of $359,000. Be on the look-out for more information soon.

Ministry at Sojourn Academy continues to build into the lives of missionary kids and community kids. October was a month of outreach as we gathered non-perishables and clothing to share with those who have been affected by recent storms and by continued poverty. On Monday, Nov. 17, students in six grades took the collections to two different services and ministered Christ’s love in their own country.

At church, Iglesia Bautista Impacto Vida Nueva (New Life Impact Baptist Church), we have enjoyed getting to know new church families and getting involved in various programs and outreach. We just finished up five days (over two weekends) of an inspiring missions conference with the preaching of Daniel Oubel (Word of Life, Argentina), and with presentations from at least six different mission outreaches in Central America—outreaches led not only by North Americans, but also by Costa Ricans.

With the holidays approaching, Tia will be part of the Christmas choir (playing the piano), which is a strong community outreach opportunity.

On a more personal life level, we ask prayer for

  • The continued journey of grief after losing our dear Colleen; each family member and each of her close friends have needs in areas in which none of us are experienced. (We are so appreciative of the outpouring of love through notes and prayers, cards and gifts).

  • Our document processing so that we can have visas. We have been waiting for documents from the United States, and we now only lack one. Those we have received are in the translation stage of the process.

  • Kevin has become very involved in our neighborhood in an effort to create a safer and more unified community. He has had opportunities to meet and spend time with many community members and several local police leaders.

  • This past week we shared Thanksgiving with two other missionary families and also a much needed and valuable visit with our daughter Katy.

With faith in Him and with thankfulness for your prayers,

Kevin and Tia Reilly

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