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Welcome to Costa Rica!

Welcome to Costa Rica! We wish we could see you here in person, but for now, we will bring news from here to there.

On July 4, we traveled safely with all luggage to San Jose, Costa Rica. Jon McGinnis picked us up at the airport in the van we were able to purchase this past February. When we arrived at the house we are renting, we were pleasantly surprised with not only the expected furnishings provided by the landlord but also with the groceries and such provided by Jon and Joni McGinnis (our GGM coworkers here in San Francisco de Dos Rios).

We thank you for those prayers!

Kevin jumped into ministry at the language institute on day #3! The Spanish Language Institute has been in existence since 1942 and has served over 16,000 missionaries going into Spanish-speaking countries and ministries. As missions and cultures change, new ideas and goals emerge in regard to the what ministries and services the institute can provide in the future. Please pray that as we transition into this new ministry, the Lord can use us to maintain and develop services that will glorify Him and grow His kingdom. Some of these services could include pastoral training and a mission training center.

Tia has enjoyed unpacking and setting up house. Come the end of August, she will be ministering at Sojourn Academy teaching English, advising older students, and helping with other needs. Sojourn is part of the Language Institute and provides a Christian education for MKs and Costa Rican children. Currently in the afternoons, Tia has been going in to school to help with cleaning and organizing, getting ready for a new school year.

Both of us have had numerous inspiring conversations with the missionaries (and their children) here at the Institute. Missionaries and their children spend a year here learning Latin culture and Spanish language before they transition to their field of service. From where they come and to where they go (or return, in some cases) inspires us in the ministry ahead.

Additionally, we have reconnected with the church plant that we worked with before. La Iglesia Bautista Impacto Vida Nueva (New Life Impact Baptist Church) is currently under the leadership of Pastor Max Bastos. We are thrilled to see how many of the youth from years ago are now attending and ministering with their own families. The youth of the past are now adults leading today's young people. Pray with us as we endeavor to help grow with this church in its ministries.

In regard to the Awana Lifeline Prison ministry, we had a meeting last Friday with Pastor Carlos, who is our contact and bridge into the prisons and government agencies. We discussed for some time ideas on how to integrate ourselves into the trust and activities of those involved with caring for the incarcerated. We need your prayers here . . . For patience, progress, and wisdom in making purposeful connections.

The people in Costa Rica have welcomed us with open arms--in that way, coming back has been a blessing of the Lord. Equally, however, life strikes us time to time as foreign. We also naturally miss having our kids (and grandkids) with us. This is the first time that we have been apart. Please pray for these adjustments, and for the adjustments our children have to make.

Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Prayer Requests:

  • That the document paperwork sent out before our departure catches up with us here in Costa Rica so that we may proceed with the processes of residency.

  • The continued progress on the sale of our house in Ohio. It continues to move forward.

  • For integrating well into the ministries at Vida Nueva and with Awana Lifelines.

  • As we come alongside missionaries and their children at the institute in their adaptation to a new language and culture.

  • For the adjustments all our family has to make now that we are apart.

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