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Reillys by Grace: Ministry overview for January 2019

Kevin and Tia Reilly

In June 2017, we returned to work in Latin America. Sent by Grace Baptist Church, Cedarville, OH, and working through Grace Global Ministries, we are involved in several ministries in Costa Rica, and we continue to pray for God's direction in these works:

  • The Spanish Language Institute and Sojourn Academy

  • Pastoral/Leadership training

  • Voice of Liberty Prison Ministry

  • Local church/Discipleship/Bible Study

The Spanish Language Institute has been in existence since 1942 and has served over 16,000 missionaries going into Spanish-speaking countries and ministries. As missions and cultures change, new ideas and goals emerge in regard to what ministries and services the institute can provide in the future. Please pray that the Lord can use us to maintain and develop services that will glorify Him and grow His kingdom. Some of these services do include pastoral training and a mission training center.

  • Training Latino missionaries so they can go to low access countries

  • “Followme” (Sigueme) Bible institute starting on our campus in March 2019

  • Sojourn Acadamy—a Christian school for missionary kids and national community children

Bible Institute of the Americas and the Caribbean

The reality for pastors around the world today is one wherein bi-vocational pastoring is the norm. This is not right or wrong; it is just the reality. There are many difficulties faced by bi-vocational pastors and the emerging church leader:

1) time management—in that they often have two full-time jobs

2) isolation from other ministers

3) finding the means to study and grow in a formal environment

These issues are very much the reality of those who have been called to lead churches in the greater San Jose metropolitan area of Costa Rica and throughout Latin America. The ministry of IBAC is an opportunity to equip pastors and church leaders in the Americas through a long-term commitment and relationship and to provide biblical, theological, and pastoral training to pastors/leaders who are in desperate need of such training, but who have little access to it.

Voice of Liberty Prison Ministry

  • Volunteer training and chaplains’ development

  • Support to 17 churches within prisons

  • Lifeline Global Ministries (formally Awana Lifeline)

  • Voz de Libertad (Voice of Liberty) meets monthly to encourage and organize and train those volunteers who work in prisons in Costa Rica.

  • Reaching out to prisioners’ family members and victims with the Gospel

  • PRAISE: Prison ministry/Chaplaincy training: Praise the Lord for the funding of the translation of chaplaincy training materials (Grace Baptist Church, Cedarville, OH). Pray for the continued translation and training plans.

New Life Impact Baptist Church

We continue to minister in discipleship, church and pastoral conferences, and encouraging missional movements in the church plant where we formally ministered.

There is an ever-present need for the Gospel in the greater metropolitan area of the capital of San Jose where most Costa Ricans reside: over 60% of the population live on 4% of the land. La Iglesia Bautista Impacto Vida Nueva (New Life Impact Baptist Church) is currently under the leadership of Pastor Max Bastos. We are thrilled to see how many of the youth from years ago are now attending and ministering with their own families. The youth of the past are now adults leading today's young people. Pray with us as we endeavor to help grow with this church in its ministries.

PRAISE: New Life Baptist found a new rental property. Please pray for continued development in leadership.


  • Spanish Language Institute and Sojourn Academy: prayer for continued development of missionary training ministries in both schools, and in both Spanish and in English. Prayer is needed, too, for students and for teachers in their various roles and responsibilities.

  • Pastoral training for bi-vocational pastors: we had four training modules this year (including Bolivia) with over 150 students in total. The next one will happen in February 2019. We are looking to start training modules in the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

  • Pray for funds still needed to raise for ministry expenses. Much has come in, but we still need the rest.

CONTACT INFORMATION (donations can be made via this site)

Facebook: By Grace

US phone to Costa Rica: 937.697.0003

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