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An Unexpected Blessing

Twelve years ago when we first came to work at Sojourn--a school created for missionary kids in 1993 by Julie Chamberlain--the Lord guided us to make available this Christian education not only to the mks, but also to students in the community who wanted to receive a Christian education, primarily in English.

The class of 2017 in 2006.

To accomplish this, Sojourn had to be accredited by the Ministry of Education of Costa Rica. That accomplishment took the next six years, with a lot of work on the part of Dorcas Enríquez, the director who followed Kevin in the position.

What a most excellent surprise to realize that upon our return to work in the ILE/Sojourn ministry, we would have the privilege to see those first Costa Rican students graduate with their Costa Rican high school degree.

Here above they are pictured with their parents as Ms. Julie Chamberlain, as her last act as ILE director, reflects on the "first fruits" of this sojourn and prays over the families. (The first picture above shows some of these students when they started in 2006.)

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