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Where to start?!

Where we left off, perhaps....

We last wrote just before taking a trip to the US to visit our kids, grandkids, our home church family, and Tia’s family down south. We were blessed with great fellowship with both family and good friends.

While saying goodbye to family is hard, we are blessed to bring back with us our daughter Tara who is teaching at Sojourn this year in the elementary department. Please pray for her as she acclimates to Sojourn, to teaching, and to being back in Costa Rica.

As soon as we returned life and ministry snapped into place:

  • Institute and Sojourn classes started up with new students of all ages. Tia once again is teaching in Sojourn—English in secondary and English-as-a-second language. This year is unique because we also have adult and Sojourn students from China and Korea. Our parent orientation meeting included Tia translating from Spanish to English and another young lady translating from Spanish to Korean.

  • Also at the institute, classes in English and Bible classes in the evening continue.

At church, we enjoy again the energy and ministry in the body of Christ. Kevin returns to work with the men and discipleship ministries, while Tia returns to the praise team and ladies’ ministries. It’s been refreshing to return to those with whom we minister and praise the Lord.

In mid-September, the Voice of Liberty (prison ministries) held the next module of training for the chaplaincy ministry. Translation of training materials continues, as does also the training for the 16 approved-by-the-government evangelical chaplains.

Shortly thereafter, we had the next IBAC module for local pastors. We had over 60 pastors and church leaders attend and study Panorama del Nuevo Testamento (New Testament Survey). This was a largest class to date. Praise the Lord.

In ministry news, Kevin has stepped down from the leadership at ILE, although he will continue to function as part of the General Assembly of the Institute. For two-plus years he has worked to help expand ministry goals toward helping not only missionaries from around the world learn language and culture, but also helping Latinos with language and training in order that they go out into all the world.

Kevin will also be being taking a more active role in the

Ministry Network Fishers of Men, which was started by Pastor Max Bastos and Victor Muñoz in 2011. The Network Fishers of Men exists to support the local church and its members in the fulfillment of the Great Commission, stating that “It is not the church of God that has a mission in the world, but the God of mission who has a church in the world.”

  • Ministry Vision: Churches, pastors and their members growing and working together, in unity and fellowship in God's call to the local Church (Evangelize, Disciple, Teach, Mobilize). Take the ministry to other areas and countries.

  • Purpose of the Ministry: The purpose of the Network Fishers of Men is to retake and strengthen the central role of the church and home in the work of God. And within the church and the home, strengthen the leadership of men, as columns and servant leaders, priests of their homes and heads of household.

Kevin along with Max and Victor have been doing a lot of ministry here in San Jose but are looking to reach further, even crossing borders with the network. Please pray as we consider sharing this ministry in Nicaragua as well as Costa Rica.

In personal family news:

  • Praise for Tara’s return to Costa Rica with us. Pray for her adaptation and adjustments. She is working as an elementary and Spanish-as-a-second-language teacher at Sojourn.

  • Praise and pray for Kevin as he had a procedure to clean out osteomyelitis from his residual limb. This is the first time in 12 years he has had to deal with that, and the medical facilities here meet the need perfectly. Kevin is able to continue work, and just this past week, his wound has completed healing. PRAISE THE LORD. We are praying that he will be able to use his prosthesis again by the end of the month. Please pray.

  • Continue to pray for all the family regarding personal consolation.

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